About Us

"Best Small-Business Empire", declares Westword, "An inner-city booster couple. The hip boutiques that now proliferate on South Broadway and all over town, clearly learned a few lessons from Stephanie Shearer and Chris Bacorn."

Our stores Pandora on the Hill, Soul Haus, and Trunk Nouveau were opened with one mission in mind =  do business honestly and ethically, while serving our community.

+  We are Locally Owned, Locally Operated, and also a Women-Majority  Partnership, Family-Owned & Operated Colorado-based business.

+  We are a Certified Green Business and we Upcycle, Freecycle, B-cycle,  Reuse, Reduce and Recycle anything and everything we can get our hands  on. We live in a green city, and we live and work that way too. 

"Real, hardworking, and deeply loyal to the people they love and the city they inhabit, owners Stephanie Shearer and Chris Bacorn are pillars in the Denver community," writes Becky H. from12 Questions.

 + We donate 6% from every single item purchased in our stores, back into community nonprofits

+  We carry a vast number of talented Local and Regional artists and we  also source locally everything we can as well,  from our printing to our  trash service. Never because it's trendy, but because it's the right  thing to do.

"And as if it’s not enough that they provide the city with the best selection of glitter and gifts- they give back to Denver by supporting local artists, local business, and local charities."

+ But, perhaps our biggest acomplishment has been our over-twelve staffers who have gone on to open their own businesses, making Soul Haus, Pandora on the Hill and Trunk Nouveau a sort of  'Entrepreneur Incubator' of sorts.

Bottom Line?
We truly are Locals who Love Locals Locally. It's our motto. and we mean to stick by it. Thank YOU for sticking by us.